A lot of developers are trying to develop android applications which will most likely not sit around. The primary objective is to make your app popular in the play store. But, there are a lot of challenges that would put a lot of doubts in the minds of the developers before publishing the app into the marketplace. The primary question would be: How to make your app stand out when there are already millions of apps in the play store? Secondly: How to possibly get in to the list of top downloaded apps in the playstore?

While scratching your heads for answers to the above questions, here's the good news. Although there are millions of apps in the market, there will always be a place for a new one. Your app can actually be noticed and has the potential to become popular.

The important aspects of Mobile App Marketing are:

Keywords are the most important aspect in marketing of an app. By using proper keywords, your app can be searched very easily. If you want your app on the first page of search results proper utilization of keywords is a must. Using of keyword properly is must for App Store Optimization (ASO) so for example if you are promoting an app called ABC Battery saver, then the main keyword should be “Battery Saver”. And that keyword should be properly used in the app store listing.

Whatever the type of app you are trying to launch be it gaming, financial, business, your brand is extremely important. The brand will represent you and your company. The process of branding will involve the features of your app, the icon of your business as well as the name, as it will represent you and your app in Play store. In all likely hood your brand will stay the same even when you develop new apps so in other words whatever you do, your brand will remain static.

Analyzing your competitors is also a vital part in the process to promote android app. Looking out for the keywords and current rank of your competitor would be a good start towards the development of your marketing strategy. So if on close analysis you find out that the competition is high in the category where your app belongs, finding another relevant category to your first choice would be a good idea.

The logical next step is to buy app installs, reviews and relevant blog posts. Also if list your app in popular mobile directories that will also help. When a users installs an app he/she looks at the reviews that particular app has, so have a few reviews beforehand will give it a kick start.